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Orchid Inn, Ltd & SVO

Добавлено: 02 апр 2017 12:46
Labdien, atkal ir iespēja veikt pasūtījumu no aizokeāna audzētavām.
Freda Klarka katasetumu grupas orhidejas ir fantastiskas! Esmu sūtījusi no viņa pāris reizes. Zinu, ka kurpītes no otras audzētavas pasūta kolekcionāri no Krievijas, jo arī ir daudzi selekcionēti brīnumiņi!
Vai kāds vēlas, lai nosūtu uz e-pastu piedāvājumu sarakstu?

Dear Orchid Friends in Europe,
Hope you are all doing well!
Our next trips to Germany will be the end of May.

Order deadline is Sunday, April 23! No late order will be accepted after the deadline please!!!
Attached the following are the lists for the pre-order:

1. Flask List - Our latest flask list
2. Plant List - Our latest plant list
3. Division List - Our latest division list - ALL ARE NET Prices
4. Catasetum list - From our friend Sunset Valley Orchids - ALL ARE NET Prices
5. Australian Dendrobium list - From our friend Sunset Valley Orchids. This is the first time available in Europe - ALL ARE NET Prices

Please keep in mind that the prices of the SVO plant lists will be a few dollors higher than on their website. This is because we need to cover the packaging, unpacking and expensive shipping from California to us. I can only accept order from these two attached lists from SVO. No other plants will be accepted from their website.

Since we have not updated our website yet. So please make sure you order only from our attached lists.

Please note that some of the plants and flasks are in limited supply and most of the divisions are one of the kind. I strongly suggest you to place your order as soon as possible.
What's new on our plant list? In addition to the Paph. anitum and Johanna Burkhardt (most of them are in blooming size now), we also have a lot of new and fantastic Paph. multifloral species and Paph. sanderianum hybrids using the newest and the best parents.

For whom has attended the Dresden Show two weeks ago. Two of our PAS0558 Paph. rothschildianum x sib ('Fine Five' x Atticus') have awarded with GM/DOG and also awarded the Grand Champion of the show! We still have limited of them in NBS, act fast! One of our first bloomed PAS0574 Paph. philippinense x sib ('Alford' x 'Super Twister') also awarded FCC/AOS in USA two weeks ago. We expect the other Paph. philippinense crosses will have good potential too!

As usual, we will apply all necessary permits/documents and bring your orders into Germany. Once the plants/flasks have cleared the customs and inspection, we will have your order ready for the pickup or shipment.

During this May/June trip, we will visit Paris, Vienna and Prague. I will also do a Paph. presentation in the lecture room at the Mendel's Museum of Masaryk University, Brno in Czech Republic on Wednesday June 7th 2017. You are all welcome to join us! Orders can be delivered and picked up at these places if you wish. Keep in mind that I will not bring extra plants/flasks to sell during my presentation in Brno.

For all shipping orders, we will continue charge you the packaging and DHL/Germany Express Post shipping from Germany at cost which can be a minimum US$25 and up depending on the size of your order. We can also ship DHL Express Next Day for additional cost.
We will continue to charge you addition 10% of your order (after discount if applies, and before packaging and shipping charges) to cover the customs, duties and inspection fee that we have to pay at the arrival airport. We are now paying over 20% for such fee at arrival! This would help us to recover some of the expenses which you will have to pay otherwise.

We will expect 50% down payment after we confirm your order. We must receive final payment two weeks before our departure. For some of our royal customers that we have developed a good relationship, we can continue to have the same payment arrangement or pay us at delivery as we did in the past.

Please let me know if you have any question or concern.

Best regards,


Re: Orchid Inn, Ltd & SVO

Добавлено: 02 апр 2017 19:39
Jā atsūti man e pastā informāciju .Paldies.

Re: Orchid Inn, Ltd & SVO

Добавлено: 03 апр 2017 10:44
Protams, ka Freda Klarka burkāni ir ļoti iekārojami, bet diemžēl ir dzirdētas arī ne visai glaimojošas atsaukmses par saņemtajiem augiem. Ko darīt? Gribētos, bet ... vai var riskēt?
Vismaz jāiemet acis sarakstiņā.

Re: Orchid Inn, Ltd & SVO

Добавлено: 03 апр 2017 13:28
Vēstuli ar price list jums pārsūtīju.
Pūķis писал(а):ne visai glaimojošas atsaukmses par saņemtajiem augiem
Dārgākie augi, piem. Melnā Pērle bija vareni! Nu ja, var teikt, ka tā ir F.K. vizītkarte! :)
Pūķis писал(а):Ko darīt?
Tas ir vienmēr risks, bet pamatots...

Re: Orchid Inn, Ltd & SVO

Добавлено: 04 апр 2017 07:37
Atsūti man arī uz suncho1

Re: Orchid Inn, Ltd & SVO

Добавлено: 04 апр 2017 10:58
Šo to noskatīju. Es saprotu, ka ir papildus 10% par pasūtījuma noformēšanu un plus sūtīšanas izmaksas. Cik viņi parasti prasa par sūtīšanu?

Re: Orchid Inn, Ltd & SVO

Добавлено: 04 апр 2017 13:13
Pūķis писал(а):Cik viņi parasti prasa par sūtīšanu?
Lolita писал(а):US$25
Cik atceros, bija ap 25 euro.

Re: Orchid Inn, Ltd & SVO

Добавлено: 06 апр 2017 16:40
Un kad būtu jāmaksā?